Why Care About Storm Water?

Ultimately, the source of all of our fresh water is the rain. The water cycle takes water from the oceans, and with it, recharges our fresh water supplies. Unfortunately, while we depend on rain for our survival, the meeting of rain and the urban environment can be a deadly affair. Rain washes oil and other contaminants off of impervious streets into the sewer, instead of soaking into the ground. When the flow is low, this is not a problem-the water is treated as other sewage. When a storm comes, however, and storm water overwhelms the system, the treatment plant may be forced to open the floodgates and dump raw sewage into the sea, where it is deadly for sea life, and where the contaminants can directly enter our food chain. With some very simple technologies and design specifications, however, this problem could be averted.

What Can I Do to Mitigate Storm Water?

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Author: Nick Enge


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