REFUSE Sticker

We have all heard the mantra, Reduce Reuse Recycle three simple actions to help us create less waste. Let's add a fourth; one that's a bit more serious about getting at the heart of our society's waste problem: REFUSE.

REFUSE is starting on the Stanford campus with two simple targets:
Disposable Coffee Cups, and Water Bottles.

You don't need official statistics to imagine the amount of waste generated by the Stanford community's extraordinary café going habits, but here's some quick math:

1 oz. x 15,000 students x 3 coffee cups/water bottles tossed away =

= 2,812 pounds of garbage generated per week just from hot beverages & bottled water! That number is surely an underestimate but isn't it ridiculous that we are generating that much waste from an every day habit that is easily remedied?

Make the Pact

REFUSE is about:

Take Action

You may be excited for you and others to REFUSE, you may want to target more things than just coffee cups and bottled water, and you probably have great ideas! Let's unite our brains and our efforts.

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