Lotus Live Eco-Fabric Guide

Before you go shopping for eco-effective bedsheets and towels, you should read the appropriate portions of the:
Lotus Live Guide to Eco-Fabrics (6 pages).
This guide will give you a comprehensive overview of which fabrics are best, worst, and okay for your health and the environment, with explanations as to how each fabric is made.


For bedsheets, the best choices are: organic cotton, bamboo, and modal (beech tree).

Bed, Bath and Beyond features all three types of sheets. Search for "Pure Beech," "Bamboo Twill," or "Simply Organic" to find them. The modal sheets are available in Twin Extra-Long (the "college size"), the bamboo and the cotton are not.

Target features bamboo sheets (search "Bamboo Sheet Set"), and organic cotton sheets (search "Organic Cotton Sheets"), neither available in Twin-XL.

Author: Nick Enge


References: The Lazy Environmentalist

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