Responsible Fashion

This page is your source for information about responsible fashion, discussing the environmental, social, and economic impacts of what you wear, and providing many recommendations for responsible purchases you can make.

This site is currently being built, with frequent updates. The web guide below is the most updated version. For a guide suitable for download, see the pdf version, updated 12/16/07.

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Lotus Live Eco-Fabric Guide

Before you go shopping for eco-effective clothing, you should read the:
Lotus Live Guide to Eco-Fabrics (6 pages).
This guide will give you a comprehensive overview of which fabrics are best and worst for your health and the environment, with explanations as to how each fabric is made.

Buy/Trade Used

Make Your Own or Design Your Own Eco-Apparel

Where to Buy?

Guides to Eco-Fashion

Technical Reports about Clothing

Author: Nick Enge


General References: The Lazy Environmentalist, Planet Green. TreeHugger

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