Lotus Live Updates

Lotus Live is now deprecated.
You are welcome to take a look around at the wealth of information, but the site will no longer we updated.
The site will eventually be ported to Positive Sustainability.

For returning Lotus Livers, track what's new on our Updates page.

Who We Are

On April 13 and 14, 2007, 30 students from 10 universities across the United States convened at Stanford University to discuss the ways in which campus life could be lived more responsibly--socially, ecologically, and economically. By the end of the weekend, the participants had formed a plan to put their ideas into action through an intercollegiate knowledge sharing partnership--Lotus Live.

Lotus Live Mission Statement

Lotus Live is dedicated to facilitating the transition toward a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible world through the open dissemination of all available knowledge on the subject, and the provision of support for movements large, small, and those yet to be created, working to ensure a better future for us all.

Current Plan of Action

Lotus Live is currently compiling a database of the knowledge and experience of college campuses, and authoring a huge variety of guides to sustainability, on campuses, and in the world at large, before actively advertising ourselves to the larger community.

Whether you were at the initial Lotus Live workshop or not, we would love to hear from you, and get you and your school involved in the partnership. Send the Lotus Leaders an email, and we'll keep you in the loop.